Quest IQ - Intelligent Grow Room Control

The smartest and most advanced temperature, humidity and environment control equipment in the world.

DAC is New England’s premier source for Quest IQ Intelligent Grow Room Control systems. Designed for simple, reliable performance in small grow rooms, drying rooms or to augment existing equipment during peak demands.

  • Custom designed specifically for indoor agriculture
  • Precise control of the variable humidity requirements for each growing phase
  • Incorporate innovative “Economizer Cooling” to save tens of thousands of dollars in electricity costs annually
  • Combine compact footprints and premium quality components into 3 physical model
  •  sizes from 8 to 45 tons (as well as our larger equipment up to 128 tons)
  • Utilize custom fluid coolers in a sealed system with low refrigerant charge, no field refrigeration work and minimal risk of refrigerant leak
  • Include free, 24/7 real-time Internet monitoring via our proprietary GrowSentry™ Technology to ensure peak performance plus remote system access and control for ultimate peace-of-mind and the lowest service costs in the industry
  • Deliver a competitive first cost and low operating costs, that ultimately delivers the lowest total cost of ownership and an exceptionally long service life


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