Reduce Outdoor Air with Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization

How to Reduce Outside Air via ASHRAE Standard 62  

This brief video explains how Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) utilizes ASHRAE Standard 62 Indoor Air Quality Procedure to reduce outside air by up to 75% over the conventional Ventilation Rate Procedure (dilution method).   Using GPS’ IAQ software an engineer can see how low the outside air can go subject to building pressure in non-healthcare applications. According to a great air conditioning contractor a rule of thumb, the outside air can be reduced to 5 CFM per person by allowing GPS’ patent pending air purification systems to clean the air in the building and recirculate the already conditioned inside air versus treating higher quantities of outside air.


GPS IAQ Software

Please contact us for a copy of the GPS’ IAQ spreadsheet.

Video explaining how to use  GPS IAQ spreadsheet

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