Indoor Pool Design: Part 2 of 4 – Load Calculation

Ralph Kittler, VP Sales, Co-Founder Seresco Technologies Inc. presents the A to Z of indoor pool design in a series of short segments that focus on key issues for engineers and architects.  Here is Part 2 in a series of 4 videos.


Part 2:  Controlling humidity to provide a stable dew point condition year round requires that a total moisture load be accurately calculated.  This moisture load must be removed from the space at the same rate it is generated in order to maintain stable space conditions. 

About the Presenter: Ralph Kittler has 23 years of experience in the HVAC industry. He is an ASHRAE “Distinguished Lecturer” and ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.10’s reviser, responsible for Chapter 25 “Mechanical Dehumidifiers and Related Equipment” in ASHRAE’s 2012 Systems and Equipment Handbook as well as Technical Committee 9.8’s reviser responsible for Chapter 5 which covers Natatorium Design (Large Building Air Conditioning Applications) in ASHRAE’s Applications Design Handbooks since 1999.

Related Manufacturer:  Seresco

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