High Plume Dilution Fans for Diesel Generator Exhaust

High Plume Dilution Fans for Diesel Generator Exhaust:  

Strobic Air - Diesel Exhaust Fan

Strobic Air - Diesel Exhaust Fan

Emergency diesel generators are necessary evils for lots of facilities.  No one likes to have them around,  but they must be available to provide immediate backup electrical power in case of sudden power failure.

Diesel/electric generators must also meet critical performance requirements, but they can also create problems when tested (generally weekly without load and monthly under load).

The two major problems caused by diesel generators include possibilities of re-entraining their exhaust into the building’s ventilation system (or an adjacent building’s), and  unpleasant diesel exhaust odors in the neighborhood.  To prevent these problems we recommend high plume dilution fans from Strobic Air.

Strobic Air - Diesel Exhaust FanOver the years we have done dozens of Diesel Generator Exhaust fan applications with  Strobic Air Tri-Stack Fans (High Plume Dilution Fan).   Strobic Air has done a really nice job creating a solution to a problem for many facility owners.  A special High Temperature Tri-Stack fan is manufactured by Strobic Air.  These fans are available in rigid steel construction designed specifically for high temperature applications (such as emergency diesel generator, furnace or boiler room exhaust). Tri-Stack high temperature exhaust fans are UL certified for operation at 750°F for up to 2 hours without the need for outside air dilution, and incorporate chemical resistant high temperature coatings.   A brass rub ring on the inlet bell conforms to AMCA “C” spark resistance specifications.

Use the Strobic Air Online Selection Program for picking a fan.  Under the System Type,  choose  Diluted Hi Temp for the high temperature diesel fan.

Benefits of using high plume fan for diesel exhaust:

  • Ideal for assisting dispersion of odors into the neighborhood
  • High constant volume discharge avoids re-entrainment
  • Aspirated dilution up to 270% within the fan
  • High temperature reduction in the mixing box
  • Maintenance-free operation

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