GPS – Air Purification Made Simple

If you are looking for a product that can help control odors, kill pathogens, reduce particles and control allergens, Global Plasma Solutions  is your answer.

GPS provides air purification technology that can be used as a substitute for UV lights and carbon products.

How does it work?

The ions produced by GPS’ patented needlepoint ionization break down gases with electron-volt potential numbers below 12 to harmless compounds prevalent in the atmosphere such as oxygen, nitrogen, water vapor and carbon dioxide. The resultant compounds are a function of the entering contaminants into the plasma field

Providing Energy Savings

When used in combination with AHSRAE Standard 62 IAQP, GPS allows a reduction in outside air by up to 75% in non-healthcare applications.  A typical school with 100,000 square feet will save over 125 tons in cooling and over $30,000 a year in energy savings!  The average first cost reduction in schools has been over $300,000!

With its patented technology, GPS is the uncontested market innovator creating disruptive technology in numerous markets. Check out the following:

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