EC Motor Fan Arrays


EC Motor Fan ArrayWe are using electronically commutated (EC) motors more frequently in our custom air handling unit designs. Most recently we have started working with a company that provides a complete package.

We now work with Q-PAC to provide an array of direct drive plenum fans with integral EC motors. Their arrays offer superior energy efficiency and flexible, low-footprint application.  Each array features simplified power and control connections. Our single point panel features an integral disconnect, individual motor protection, and control terminals.  These terminals are arranged for single speed, enable, and alarm contacts for Building Automation System interface. Replacement parts for all standard Q-PAC arrays are in stock in North America.


Efficiency Benefits:
•  Eliminates need for VFDs and costly wiring and controls
•  Highly efficient at full load, and extremely efficient at part load, compared to standard fans

Dimensional Benefits:
•  Completely variable aspect ratio
•  Fans can be staggered to fit in any configuration
•  Low length footprint, fan sections are less than 25” in length
•  Vertical and horizontal configurations

Ease of Operation:
•  Zero maintenance operation
•  Simple 0-10 VDC signal input for speed control
•  Quiet operation, very low vibration
•  Lightweight fans are interchangeable by hand

Operational Features:
•  Optional backdraft or motorized dampers
•  Hand/Off/Auto (HOA) switch on single point power panel

EC Motor Fan Array

The ECM array provides not only an energy efficient central fan, but provides redundancy with easy to replace multiple fans. The motors also have a longer life cycle and take up less space than traditional fans. A potential candidate for an ECM array in a large building central air handling systems could be a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) with the primary air distribution sized for low pressure drop, and ECM fan powered terminal units as well. A facility with such a system would be capable of turning down the central air system to closely match only what the terminal units need for primary air; even if it’s just one terminal unit calling.


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