Custom Air Handling Units | 5 Reasons to use All Aluminum Construction

5 reasons to use All Aluminum Construction for Custom Air Handling Units?

Lawrence Hospital - All Aluminum Air Enterprises Unit

Lawrence Hospital - Air Enterprises Unit All Aluminum Construction

  1. Aluminum provides excellent corrosion resistance without the need for paint.
    • Painting and galvanization can be scrapped off during transportation, rigging and assembly of the unit.
    • Rust and corrosion reduce the structural integrity of the unit.
  2. Low Weight –  Aluminum construction can reduce overall unit weight by as much as 40%.
    • Reduced Rigging Costs
    • Reduced structural support costs
  3. Longer life
    • Aluminum equipment has a more than 40 year life expectancy
    • Galvanized equipment has a 25 year life expectancy
  4. Less impact on the environment
    • Install one unit in forty years not TWO!
  5. Air Enterprises40 year non-corrosive Guarantee


Air Enterprises 20 yr. Unit Compare Air-Enterprises Site Bilt Unit






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