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Ask Rick: Pumped Glycol Systems | Does Air in the Glycol impact performance?

Konvekta Pumpd Glycol Pumping Package

Q.  I have some questions about pumped glycol systems.  What happens if all the entrapped air is not removed from the glycol?   Should a closed loop have auto bleed? A.   Air bubbles entrapped in the glycol circuit are very detrimental to the thermal performance of the energy recovery system.  It causes the heat transfer… Read more »

Project Snapshot: Millipore Research and Development | Energy Recovery Air Handling Unit

Project: Millipore R&D Building Location: Bedford,  MA Engineer: Parsons Contractor: Turner Construction Company Manufacturer: Strobic Air, Cambridgeport, Heat Pipe Technology Equipment: Energy Recovery Air Handling Units Size: (4) 30,000 CFM Units DAC Sales Engineer: Jim Shiminski  Project Challenge:     This was a new building project.  The engineer, owner and contractor were all looking to create a… Read more »

Ask Rick: Pumped Glycol Energy Recovery | Pressure Drop for Konvekta Coils?

Q.  What is a typical pressure drop across the Konvekta coils? A.  The air pressure drop across the coils depends on several factors: number of rows, air face velocity, fin spacing and tube alignments. There is a trade-off between thermal efficiency and air pressure drop which will be one of the design considerations if we… Read more »

Energy Recovery Wheels | What is an Enthalpy Wheel?

Introduction: Many buildings require substantial amounts of outside air to be brought in through their ventilation systems.  In many cases it is code ( schools) and in other cases it constitutes make up air for contaminated exhaust air (laboratories).  Regardless, exhausting expensive conditioned indoor air and replacing it with outdoor air is really expensive.  Energy… Read more »

Ventilation Energy Recovery | 5 Key Questions to Ask to Determine Air-to-Air Energy Recovery Device

Nearly once a week I am confronted with this question.  My customer,  “I have an application for Air-To-Air energy recovery.  What type of energy recovery device should I use?”  My answer is nearly always the same,  “That depends”. We have several choices.   All the technology has been around for long time now.   Pumped glycol… Read more »