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Pumped Glycol Energy Recovery | Efficiency vs. Effectiveness

Topic: High Performance Run Around Energy Recovery Systems Guest Blogger: Rudolf Zaengerle, Ph. D. Konvekta USA, Inc There is some confusion about the terms ‘efficiency’ and ‘effectiveness’:  Efficiency ASHRAE defines ‘temperature transfer efficiency’ (or sometimes ‘enthalpy transfer efficiency’ if enthalpy is used instead of temperature) as follows: μT = (TE1 – TE2) / (TE1 –… Read more »

Major Cost Savings | Hospitals using Heat Pipes

Hospital Recovers Energy Without Risk of Supply Air Contamination The Challenge Hospitals provide an enormous opportunity for energy recovery due to their 24/7/365 operations. Energy from the exhaust air stream can be recovered in the winter and summer to precool or preheat supply air to the hospital and save a lot of energy dollars in the… Read more »

Ask Rick: Pumped Glycol Energy Recovery | What size systems make sense for Konvekta?

Q.  What size systems make sense for Konvekta?   I am working on a project where we are considering glycol run around coils for heat recovery. I would like to consider using a Konvekta system.The building in question is an existing hazardous materials storage building with 24×7 exhaust air requirements. There are 16 separate exhaust… Read more »

Pumped Glycol Energy Recovery | Filtering Exhaust Air

Just skip the pre-filters in front of the exhaust side of the energy recovery device?   Is that wise?  We know that adding filters can impact costs: cost to purchase pre-filters labor to change disposal costs increased pressure drop This question has been asked before and opinions have been offered by facility engineers.  Prefilters in Front… Read more »

Project Snapshot | Energy Recovery Unit – Tuck School at Dartmouth College

Project Name:     Whittemore Hall Owner:     Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College Project Application:     Dormitory for Tuck Students Mechanical Engineer:     BR+A Equipment:     Energy Recovery Unit Manufacturer:     Annexair Size:     15,000 CFM   Whittemore Hall The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire was founded in 1900…. Read more »

Pumped Glycol Energy Recovery | Preliminary Design Questions

Preliminary Design Questions for a Pumped Glycol Energy Recovery System: Every energy recovery design starts with a list of questions that should be answered.  If these items are explored and discussed early on it makes for a significantly better design.  There are several distinct advantages in packaged pumped glycol systems from Konvekta.  A key system… Read more »

Energy Recovery Heat Pipes | 5 Advantages of using Heat Pipes for Air-To-Air Energy Recovery

We have choices in equipment that we can select for air to air energy recovery applications, we even have the best options for Geothermal Heating and Air systems.  Here are 5 advantages that Heat Pipes offer; Energy Recovery Heat Pipes Features 1.  Passive Operation No energy input is required to operate the Heat Pipes. There… Read more »