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Ask Rick: 208v vs. 230v Motor Question

Q.  I have 208 volt service and want to run a 230 volt motor on that.  Will this work? A.  Most motors that are rated at 230 volts will run on 208 volt power, although this is not recommended.  Most AC motors are built to tolerate a 10% variation from nameplate voltage.  The range for… Read more »

Ask Rick: Strobic Air Smart Fan System | Controls Integration

Q.  The Smart Fan brochure says ”Communicates with most building systems” (p. 1) – please elaborate.  We have an existing Johnson DDC system here. A.       The major protocols the Smart Fan system can handle without extra modules are Modbus, BACnet (IP or MS/TP) & Metasys N2.  Lon is possible with a separate module.   Smart Fan… Read more »