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Ask Rick: What is adiabatic humidification?

Q.  What is adiabatic humidification? A.  There are two basic ways to introduce moisture into air: Isothermal Humidification –  the water vapor is dispersed in the air after having been created by boiling water.  Isothermal humidification requires an external source of energy to change the state of the water.  In the commercial HVAC world Isothermal… Read more »

Ask Rick: Why aren’t direct drive fans used on more applications?

Q.  Why aren’t direct drive fans used on more applications? A.  In Europe, 80% of commercial ventilation units sold today are equipped with direct drive fans.  In The US, the industrial and heavy commercial fields have already recognized the benefits of direct drive fans.  Reduction in maintenance has been the primary motivation. In HVAC applications… Read more »

Ask Rick: Pumped Glycol Systems | Where are Konvekta Systems manufactured?

Q.  I have read about Konvekta systems. They are a Swiss company. Do they manufacture any parts of their system in the US?  A.  Most components are made in the USA; in particular, the Hydronic Module and its components (pumps, motors, valves, expansion tank, etc.) are made or are purchased from suppliers in the USA. The coils are still… Read more »

Ask Rick: How does a freezestat work?

Q: How does a freezestat work? A: You should use a freezestat to protect your water coils from freezing. Rooftop units with water coils should always have freezestats, even if using a water/glycol mixture. Typically the heating coil would be upstream of the cooling coil. Usually the freezestat is attached on the leaving side of… Read more »