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Ask Rick: Air Handling Units | Single point power connection?

Q.  We are in a disagreement over specification language.  In your opinion what does a “Single Point Power Connection” include?  Thanks,   Boston Engineer.   Good Question.  This comes up all the time. Depending on the application and circumstances “Single Point Power Connection” is defined in multiple ways.  Typically there are assumptions made, often times wrong,… Read more »

Custom Air Handling Units | Coil Selection Guidelines

I have included a collection of notes that we have pulled together over the years that guide us through typical coil selections for custom air handling units.  Coils Basics: Header Orientation –  Supply low leaving, return high entering Coil Hand –  Face the entering air side of the coil to determine its hand connection. With… Read more »

Air Handling Unit Design | A More Efficient Direct Drive Plenum Fan

We are using significantly more and more direct drive fans these days.  Annexair,  a leader Energy-Efficient Air Handling Systems, standardizes on direct drive fans for all their units.  They are more efficient, quieter, require less maintenance and last longer (see – 4Reasons Why we choose Direct Drive Fans).  The efficiencies of these fans were a… Read more »

Does Coil Cleaning Save Energy?

Does coil cleaning save energy?  This was the first question that we asked before agreeing to promote Steril-Aire as a manufacturer.  We knew that the technology worked;  that you could clean a coil to a nearly new condition by using UVC lights.  That we knew.  We also new that a clean coil would save energy. … Read more »

Air Handling Units | Split Replacement Coils

Split Replacement Coils “I didn’t know these were available.”  “Wish I had known about these sooner.”  “What a great idea.,  this will save a lot of pain” All comments that we have heard from building owners after showing them split coils. Replacing large water coils in air handling units is never easy.  It’s even more… Read more »

Project Snapshot: Custom Air Handling Units | Portland International Jetport

Project Name: Portland International Jetport – Terminal Expansion Location: Portland, Maine Architect: Gensler Mechanical Engineer: AMEC (formerly OEST) Contractor: Turner Construction Company Manufacturer: Air Enterprises Equipment: Custom Rooftop Air Handling Units  Size: (1) 70,000 CFM unit, (1) 98,000 CFM unit  DAC Sales Engineer:  Pat Will Project Highlights City of Portland was adding a 145,000sqft terminal… Read more »

Ask Rick: Fan Array | Does it make sense?

Q.  I have been looking at different fan options for my Air Handling Unit application.  What are your thoughts on the Fan Wall technology?   The technology is called by different terms;  Fan Array, Fan Wall, Fan Matrix, Multi-Fan etc.  It is a combination of smaller fans built into a wall section to replace a… Read more »