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Passive House Design – What Does it Mean

Passive House – What Does It Mean Recently, in conversations with mechanical engineering and architectural specifiers about ventilation in commercial buildings, I have noticed persistent confusion over the use of the phrase “Passive House.” Developed originally by the German Passivhaus Institut (PHI), the phrase describes the concept of building airtight, well-insulated buildings that provide occupant comfort… Read more »

Adiabatic Humidifiers – Now OK for Hospitals

High Pressure Humidification Spray

ASHRAE regulation 170-2013 has been updated with an addendum, which changes the requirements on the technology needed to humidify hospital environments, allowing the use of adiabatic humidifiers. Historically, humidification in hospitals and particularly in operating rooms has almost always been provided by isothermal humidifiers, which produce steam. Steam is notoriously a natural disinfectant, as most pathogens are immediately… Read more »

Project Snapshot: 60 State Street – Field Erected AHU

  Project Name: 60 State Street – 10th Floor, Boston  Architect: Dyer Brown Architects Mechanical Engineer: C3 Commercial Construction Consulting, Inc. Mechanical Contractor: Northeast Mechanical Equipment: Custom Field Erected Air Handling Unit Manufacturer: Custom Air Solutions by Cambridgeport Size: 25,000 CFM DAC Sales Engineer: David Goodman Project Overview: The new Arup offices located at 60… Read more »

New Look DOAS Units – less space, less noise, less cost

Swegon GOLD RX: Air handling units with unbeatable advantages GOLD enables designers to re-think system design. Its extra small footprint and ultra-low sound levels make it possible to place air handling units in non-traditional spaces such as in close proximity to occupied rooms. In addition to maximizing usable space, GOLD’s decentralized design also allows smaller… Read more »

Project Snapshot: Tufts University Central Energy Plant – Custom Air Tunnel

Project Name:  Tufts Power Energy Plant Owner:  Tufts University Mechanical Engineer:  vanZelm Engineers Mechanical Contractor:  J.C. Higgins Corp. Equipment:  Custom Air Tunnel, Cooney Freeze Block Coil Manufacturer:  Cambridgeport (CAS) / Cooney Coil DAC Sales Engineer:  David Goodman Tufts University – Central Energy Plant  Tufts University has built a new Co-Gen Central Energy Plant.  The new plant is… Read more »

Freeze Block Coil – Technology Based Solutions

A Freeze Block Coil is the Best Way to Prevent Frozen Coil Damage Freeze damage is the leading cause of premature HVAC coil failure. Frozen fluid coils can result in severe damage to the coil, system downtime, expensive repairs and/or replacement and in some cases flood damage throughout the building. This is a new coil… Read more »

EC Motor Fan Arrays

  We are using electronically commutated (EC) motors more frequently in our custom air handling unit designs. Most recently we have started working with a company that provides a complete package. We now work with Q-PAC to provide an array of direct drive plenum fans with integral EC motors. Their arrays offer superior energy efficiency and flexible, low-footprint application.  Each array… Read more »

Project Snapshot: Central Maine Medical Center | Custom Air Handling Units

Project Name: Central Maine Medical Center – Emergency Dept. Addition/Renovation Architect: MorrisSwitzer Environments for Health Mechanical Engineer: BVH Integrated Services Mechanical Contractor: Ranor Mechanical Equipment: Custom Energy Recovery Air Handling Units Manufacturer: Ingenia Size: Two (2) units & service vestibule – 40,000 & 55,000 CFM DAC Sales Engineer: Pat Will   Project Highlights: Dual tunnel… Read more »