Ask Rick: When do you use a Desaturation Coil?

Q:  In what applications do you recommend using a desat coil?

Aerofin Desat CoilA:  In general, a desaturation coil (desat coil) will help in any application where the cooling coil is the last component in an air handling unit.  The desat coil is one of several options which can provide the necessary minimal reheat so supply air doesn’t leave the unit saturated.

We routinely use desat coils in laboratory or other critical applications in tandem with heat recovery options.  We design these applications with the supply fan in a blow-thru position upstream of the energy recovery device (wheel or heat pipe) to minimize the potential of leakage through the device.  In this arrangement, without the supply fan motor heat added downstream of the cooling coil, the desat coil provides an easy way to sensibly raise the leaving air temperature off the cooling coil (usually by 1.5° to 2.0°F).

Another option is to use a Wrap Around Heat Pipe. This setup provides both the reheat (5° to 15°F) and also the same amount of pre-cool upstream of the cooling coil.  The Wrap Around Heat Pipe option has a higher first cost than the desat coil but provides a significantly lower life cycle cost.

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