Ask Rick: What is UVC?

Q.  What is UVC?

Steril-Aire UVC Install

Steril-Aire UVC Installation

UVC is a type of ultraviolet (UVC) energy in the 260-nanometer frequency.  The “C” wavelength is the most germicidal in the UVC spectrum. UVC penetrates the outer structure of the cell and alters the DNA molecule, preventing replication and causing cell death. The UVC energy kills or inactivates microbes, eradicating surface biofilm.

UV light in the form of germicidal lamps has been used since the late 1800s to kill the types of microorganisms that typically cause indoor air quality (IAQ) problems — bacteria, mold, yeast, and viruses.

The introduction of UVC into HVAC systems is pioneered in 1996 by Steril-Aire of Burbank, California. Steril-Aire’s systems-engineered germicidal UVC Emitters installed in HVAC systems provide a proven and cost-effective tool to reduce energy consumption and operating costs while improving indoor air quality.

Installed at the cooling coil and drain pan in an HVAC system, UVC eliminates surface biofilm — a complex matrix of mold, bacteria, viruses and debris.

Key Benefits:

  • Energy Savings:   Lowers energy costs by improving HVAC system heat transfer and increasing net cooling capacity.  Offers a return on investment in less than 2 years.
  • Maintenance Savings:   Continuously cleans coils, drain pans plenums and ducts, reducing or eliminating manual cleaning and the use of harmful chemicals.
  • Improved IAQ:  Significantly decreases mold, bacteria and virus introduction to supply air stream.
  • Water Conservation:  Reclaiming clean condensate for tower makeup, irrigation or gray water flushing reduces water and waste water costs.
  • LEED Contribution:  UVC may contribute to LEED points in one or more areas.

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