Ask Rick: Pumped Glycol Systems | Does Air in the Glycol impact performance?

Q.  I have some questions about pumped glycol systems.  What happens if all the entrapped air is not removed from the glycol?   Should a closed loop have auto bleed?

Konvekta Pumpd Glycol Pumping Package

A.   Air bubbles entrapped in the glycol circuit are very detrimental to the thermal performance of the energy recovery system.  It causes the heat transfer coefficient in the coil tubes to drop dramatically.   In fact, it doesn’t take a lot of air in the glycol circuit to get the thermal energy recovery reduced to less than the pumping energy, turning the energy recovery system in a net energy consumer.

The Konvekta system has several safeguards to insure this is not happening:

  1. The glycol pumps are equipped with air separators
  2. A sight-glass on the Hydronic Unit allows the operator to see whether air is in the glycol
  3. The controller will detect the reduced thermal performance and alert the operator to the problem

Also, according to good engineering practice, air vents are designed at the high points of the piping to allow de-airation if necessary.

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