ASHRAE 180-2018 Standard Practice for Inspection and Maintenance of HVAC Systems

Standard Practice for Inspection and Maintenance of Commercial Building HVAC Systems

For the public good, it’s essential that the HVAC systems in buildings where people work, visit, or reside support a high-quality indoor environment. In addition, sustainability mandates that those conditions be maintained in a manner as energy efficient as possible by a certified hvac contractor.

Developed in collaboration with Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), ASHRAE Standard 180-2018 provides much-needed procedural consistency to improve the thermal comfort, efficiency, and indoor air quality of commercial HVAC systems.

The 2018 revision includes changes that make the standard easier to implement; adds new definitions to differentiate between inspection, air conditioning maintenance, service, and repair tasks; and modifies the process section to better clarify how to initiate and implement a maintenance program.

Whether a commercial building’s HVAC systems have a state-of-art maintenance program, or no maintenance program at all, Standard 180 is formatted to serve every segment of ownership and all methods of inspection and maintenance work.

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