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Split Replacement Coils

  • “I didn’t know these were available.” 
  • “Wish I had known about these sooner.” 
  • “What a great idea.,  this will save a lot of pain”
Split-Fit Coil from Aerofin

Split-Fit Coil from Aerofin

All comments that we have heard from building owners after showing them split coils.

Replacing large water coils in air handling units is never easy.  It’s even more difficult and expensive when equipment space is restricted (most of the time).  These Split-Fit coils from Aerofin are slick.  Long coils can be divided into smaller sections for field joining in the unit.  They are factory assembled and tested to ensure leak tight service in the field.

Split-Fit coils are available for both heating and cooling coils that have a maximum operating pressure of 100 psig and a maximum operating temperature of 160F.  The following ranges are available:

  • Fin Height:       12 to 54 inches
  • Fin Length:       as required to match existing coil
  • Rows:                 2 to 8
  • Circuit:              identical to original coil
  • Special Apps:   higher pressure/temperature designs are available

Split-Fit CoilSplit replacement coils offer a big advantage over having to create additional access space for coil replacements.  It also allows us to design tighter units knowing this is available for future coil pulls.

Questions on Split Replacement Coils;  askRick?

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