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Problem:  Tired,  Aging Air Handling Units

We look at hundreds of Air Handling Units each year.  All types, all sizes and all conditions. Typically we are called in to assess problems or look at replacement options.  In some cases units are not in bad condition;  they don’t need to be replaced, just refurbished.  

I often thought that if we could re-pitch some drain pans and spray a good coating of Rhino Liner in the Air Handling Unit then 90% of the problem would be solved.  


Here’s a closer look at the problem:  

  • Aging Mechanical Equipment – Air handling units show indications of standing water, rust and corrosion.  Corrosion of the condensate pan caused by standing water quickly leads to damaging water leaks, increased maintenance, and eventually, premature equipment replacement.  The units are 
    structurally sound but leak air.
  • Fire Code Compliance – Coatings typically used to seal air handling units fail to comply with the requirements set forth by the National Fire Protection Association and other related bodies that govern the use of combustible materials within mechanical air handling equipment.
  • Indoor Air Quality – Mechanical air handling units exhibit indications of standing water in the condensate pans.  HVAC condensate pans with standing water are a frequent source of pathogenic biological agents.

The Rhino Liner idea was on the right track.  Too bad that stuff is not NFPA approved for Air Handling Units (good for trucks).  We did find something that is better suited and now widely used in our industry.


Solution:  Composite Coating to Seal Drain Pans, Sections and Other Compromised Surfaces.

There is a company named Aquis that supplys and installs a composite system designed to rejuvenate compromised surfaces on air handling units.   They provide a custom-engineered solution to fix tired, old air handling units.   Just what we were looking for.

Through sealing and re-pitching condensate pans, chamber floors and other surfaces, Aquis eliminates damaging water leaks and halts corrosion within the air handler. By eliminating standing water and providing a smooth, hygienic and antimicrobial surface, the growth of pathogenic biological agents is halted. 

The Aquis patent pending composite technology provides the only available solution that meets all regulatory requirements including NFPA 90A, ASHRAE 62.1, EPA, and others. 

We are now working with Aquis to provide the right solutions to tired, old air handling units.   It’s a part of sustainable design to make good, functioning equipment last longer.   We believe in that.

Case Study:  Aquis – Case Study – Boston College

Mfg. information:  Aquis AHU Refurbishment  

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