5 Reasons to Consider a Composite Air Handling Unit

I cycle quite a bit.  I average about 2,000 miles a year.  Around the office that hardly counts as two workmates easily double that each year.  We ride a lot and we like bicycles.

Old Fuji DelRey - Steel

Old Fuji DelRey – Steel

When is the last time you bought a bicycle?  Things have changed a lot in 25 years.  I have posted a picture of a Fuji DelRey (circa 1988).  It’s a steel bike and weighs at least 30 lbs.  It was a great, solid bike in it’s time.  Today you can just barely sell it on eBay.

I have also posted a current picture of a Stradalli, with a carbon fiber frame.  It weighs less than 15 lbs.  The frame weight is a third the weight of a steel frame and equal in strength.

We embrace composite technology for home construction, aviation, ship building, cars and boats, bridge repair, and even ballistics protection.  And yes – bicycles.

So why not Air Handling Unit construction?  Why aren’t more companies making composite panel units here in North America?  They make composite units in Europe, India and China.  Here in the US we are now using a lot of aluminum units when providing residential air conditioning services .  They are lighter and last forever.  Composite materials are the next logical step for our Air Handling Units.

Stradalli - Composite

Stradalli – Carbon Fiber

Annexair has recently developed a composite panel Air Handling Unit.  Here are five major reasons that composite units make sense:

  • Unit weight is 30-40 % lighter than steel
  • Lifetime unit casing warranty against corrosion
  • No through metal, true thermal-break construction
  • No rusting & sweating, ever.
  • Cost is comparable to steel

It’s pretty amazing that they can provide the advantages of a composite panel system at the same price as a steel unit.  That makes the new technology a real bargain.

Annexair Composite Unit

Annexair Composite Unit

Annexair – Composite Flyer

Questions on Composite Panel Air Handling Units:

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