Seresco: R3 Module Now Available for 2-16 Ton Units

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Seresco R3 Module Now Available for 2-16 Ton Units

The R3 Module availability has been expanded and can now be selected for any compact series cabinet from 2–16 tons.

The R3 Module is an excellent choice for small applications such as many hotels and small rec facilities. You can get great features like an evaporative condenser with no outdoor condenser or fluid cooler, an exhaust fan, and a titanium full-flow pool water heater!

An update rolled out to ACE as of Aug. 29 now allows you to select it for this expanded line. We have also simplified the selection process for the R3 in the quoting tool.   Previously you would have had to select an “NE Pool Unit Classic” and then further specify it be the compact next-generation cabinet. Now ACE will select the next-gen cabinet by default. This automatically makes it possible to get the R3 Module by selecting options associated with it:

  • Titanium full-flow pool water heater
  • Evaporative condenser
  • Exhaust fan

Please be aware that you cannot have the R3 evaporative condenser without also selecting the other two options, as they are required to make the condenser work. The exhaust fan and water heater can be selected a la carte, however. If you select the evaporative condenser without the required two other options, ACE will not allow you to proceed with generating the quote.

To read more about the R3 module and all the solutions it provides, check out our previous articles here and here.

Please contact us to discuss your dehumidification applications.

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