Project Snapshot: Alkermes

Project Name: Alkermes
 Architect: Elkus Manfredi Archtects
Mechanical Engineer: AHA Consulting Engineers
Mechanical Contractor: Hamel & McAlister
Equipment: (2) Custom Penthouse AHUs, (2) EAHUs, (1) Konvekta Heat Recovery Skid (6) MK Plastics High Plume Dilution Fans, (2) 450 ton Oil-Free Chillers, (21) Carel HeaterSteam Humidifiers
Manufacturer: Konvekta, Cambridgeport, MK Plastics, Smardt, Ingenia Carel
Size: 140,000 CFM Supply / 140,000 CFM Exhaust
DAC Sales Engineer: Matt Tefft

Project Overview

Alkermes, a global bio-pharmaceutical company, develops products that are designed to make a meaningful difference in the way patients manage disease.  Experiencing tremendous growth, Alkermes constructed a new 220,000 square foot, office-to-lab conversion core/shell building at 900 Winter Street as an expansion to their current facility within the Reservoir Woods at 852 Winter Street.


In order to house base building mechanical equipment to support laboratory space demands, the custom supply AHUs by Cambridgeport were provided with equipment vestibules to support base building mechanical needs.  The (2) large vestibules are housing the Konvekta energy recovery skid, main chilled water piping, energy recovery piping, expansion tanks, air separators, chilled water pumps and VFDs. By integrating the mechanical space into the rooftop custom AHU vestibules, the building is able to maximize the square footage for usable space.

Project Highlights


  • The Konvekta pumped glycol energy recovery system provides variable flow pumped glycol energy recovery between the 100% OA and 100% exhaust air-streams, treating 140,000 CFM of supply air and 140,000 CFM of exhaust air. The coils are manufactured specifically for efficiency and turn-down.  The system will be remotely monitored for performance and guarantees energy recovery performance to the owner.  When energy recovery alone is not enough to meet supply unit temp setpoint requirements, heat (one boiler installation is complete, via boiler hot water) is injected into the glycol ER loop via plate / frame heat exchangers enabling the energy recovery coil to provide both heating and energy recovery functionality. This means, no hot water coil required in the AHU or any branch HW piping to the AHUs.  Konvekta will provide reports to the owner on how the system performed for proof of performance.



Smardt: (2) 450-ton custom / oil free air-cooled chillers are on the roof.  These chillers include:

  • (4) Magnetic bearing (Turbocor) compressors
  • Integral free cooling and low ambient kit, down to -40°F ambient operation. When cold enough outside, the chillers provide cooling during winter months without the need to operate compressors.  This means no need for separate fluid coolers that require additional piping, controls and roof space.
  • Low noise condenser fans with inlet and outlet attenuation
  • Custom electrical layout: Dual points of power to provide flexibility in generator sizing during emergency scenarios. Free cooling and a portion of mechanical cooling will be available power outage to provide cooling needs to critical spaces at lower power consumption rates than single point of power would provide
  • Industry leading efficiency, especially at part loads
  • No oil!


  • Custom AHUs and large equipment vestibules
  • EC fan arrays






MK Plastics:

  • High plume dilution lab exhaust fans
  • Direct drive, arrangement #4
  • Motors are down low at roof level for ease of serviceability
  • High nozzle velocities to create a safe plume which allows for a large range of fan turndown before needing any bypass air as per ANSI Z9.5. (3,000 FPM min velocity required).


  • Custom recirculation AHU serving a clean room for the biologics suite
  • Custom feature included anti-microbial powder coat interior liner to provide the ultimate cleanliness, the unit served ceiling installed HEPA filtration


  • 21 HeaterSteam Titanium, atmospheric room by room humidifiers paired with UltimateSAM stainless steel dispersion tubes.  Served by RO water, these humidifiers are providing precision humidity control for critical applications with continuous modulation and high levels of reliability

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Konvekta, Smardt, Cambridgeport, MK Plastics, Ingenia, Carel

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