Swegon GOLD Units and Chilled Beams

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“We create the world’s best indoor climate for people and environment.”

DAC is New England’s premier source for
Swegon GOLD Units

Air handling units with rotary heat exchangers

  • Complete air handling unit with direct-driven supply air and extract air fans, supply air and extract air filters and rotary heat exchanger.
  • Temperature efficiency, heat recovery up to 85%
  • Air flows up to 50 400 m³/h
  • Variable speed regulation of the rotor
  • Cooling energy recovery
  • Optimized fan sizes give greater freedom to choose exactly the right unit size and fan variant to suit the needs of the installation. And with that, even more opportunities to optimise the energy efficiency of the current project

    Gold NA Air Handling Unit Model Sizes

Swegon Chilled Beams:

Swegon ADAPT Parasol

First in the industry with Energy-saving comfort module for reliable demand-controlled ventilation

  • Energy-efficient operation since the room is ventilated, heated and cooled exactly as called for by the load, neither more nor less.
  • Highest possible comfort with provision for individual control on the product or at room level.
  • Waterborne cooling energy and waterborne or electric heat.
  • Draught-free indoor climate, 4-way air distribution
  • Simple installation, commissioning and maintenance.
  • Complete product with all components and accessories installed from the factory.

At DAC, we pay close attention to life-cycle cost in all of our system designs.  So does Swegon.  In fact, they can even model it for us in their design software.  Reach out to us;  we would be glad to help in your design and provide a complete payback analysis.

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