Klingenburg Energy Recovery Wheels



RRS Hugo 3000Building products customized to your specifications and measurements with just in time deliveries and without a premium price. 

DAC is New England’s premier source for Klingenburg Energy Recovery Products.

What separates Klingenburg USA from their competitors is that they custom build all of their energy recovery wheels in their North Carolina facility.

They build in one millimeter increments.  So they can build around your application.  There is never a need for you to design your air handling unit to accommodate their products.  Their HU-go desiccant material rotors are high efficiency with the thinnest coating in the industry, thus obtaining a lower pressure drop and better energy balance for the air handling units.

Klingenburg lead times are short, only two to three weeks, and there is no premium in cost because that is their common practice.  Great product – great value.

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