Heat Pipe Technology HVAC Products

Heat Pipe Technology
HeatPipe TechnologyInnovative, advanced energy recovery and dehumidification systems based on one of the most effective and efficient dehumidification methods -heat pipes.

DAC is New England’s premier source for Heat Pipe Technology:

  • Energy recovery heat pipes
  • Dehumidification heat pipes
  • Pool dehumidification systems

Heat pipes are passive heat transfer devices that seemed to have a lot of promise back in 1983, when Heat Pipe Technology began working with the U. S. Department of Energy. By the time NASA got on board, everyone knew they were on to something big. DAC Sales customers agree. Heat Pipe Technology’s innovations include split heat pipes and controllable, wrap-around heat pipes and there is no better performance for the cost.

If your job specifies wrap-around heat pipes – and lately, so many HVAC system jobs do – talk to DAC Sales. We have Heat Pipe Technology and they have the best product for the best price, period.

Contact us to learn more about Heat Pipe Technology products today.

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