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DAC Sales represents only HVAC manufacturers committed to sustainability, reliability and quality. We forge strong relationships with our manufacturers and our customers benefit from.

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Konvekta Logo KONVEKTA
Get more than a custom, high efficiency HVAC system. Get a partner in energy recovery and the industry’s only performance guarantee.
High quality air handling units and systems made quickly and locally to your specifications.
Semi-custom and custom air handling equipment and systems with cutting edge air-to-air recovery.
seresco SERESCO
Seresco provides pool dehumidification units.
Technologically advanced ventilation and exhaust systems from the industry leader in high plume dilution fan technology.
Oil-free centrifugal chillersoffer the highest IPLV energy efficiencies and the lowest lifetime operating costs in their capacity ranges – 60 TR through 2500 TR in water-cooled, 60 TR through 450 TR in air-cooled and 60 TR through 300 TR in evaporative-cooled.
Swegon Logo SWEGON
First in the industry with Energy-saving comfort module for reliable demand-controlled ventilation.
Ingenia - logo INGENIA
Custom Air Handling Units. Leading edge engineering technology and a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant.
Innovative, advanced energy recovery and dehumidification systems based on effective and efficient heat pipes.
Carel Logo CAREL
Humidifiers that set the standard for modern design, economical operation, reliable technology and advanced electronics
Klingenburg Logo KLINGENBURG
Building products customized to your specifications and measurements with just in time deliveries and without a premium price.
Providing replacement HVAC coils with Freeze Block technology.