Mechanical Applications Engineer


Craig Gordon

Mechanical Applications Engineer, PE

Responsibilities: Support of Engineering sales and project management

Craig joined DAC in early 2018 and supports the design and sales of custom air-to-air energy recovery systems, air handling units and humidification/dehumidification/desiccant systems. Craig comes to DAC from the dynamic consulting engineering community after a 30 year career.  His experience in consulting engineering helps DAC better serve our clients, as he has experienced the challenges of consulting engineering.  Craig has a BSMET from the University of Maine Orono.

Craig splits his time between his home in Wareham, Massachusetts and his boyhood camp outside Millinocket, Maine.  He still acts like a boy while at camp running around the woods on his dirt bike, ATV, Mountain bike, snowmobile, snowshoes and cross country skis.   He loves anything to do with the great outdoors and loves his new family at DAC.  Craig’s motto is if you allow life, more life happens.