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The Power of Ions – NPBI Technology Delivers Cleaner Indoor Air

Need some fresh air?  Go INdoors!   Outdoors, naturally occurring ions are everywhere and are constantly working to clean the air.  Ions are created with energy from rushing water, crashing waves and even sunlight.  Unfortunately, the concentration of these naturally occurring ions are much lower indoors. There is still hope for indoor air quality thanks to… Read more »

ASHRAE Guidelines for Reopening Schools and Universities

Reopening Schools and Universities Guidelines    ASHRAE has recently published guidelines for schools and universities, and they are recommending  NPBI should be considered in lieu of MERV 13 filters. Background: The ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force was established to help deploy ASHRAE’s technical resources to address the challenges of the current pandemic and future epidemics as… Read more »

Biocomposite is the Future of the HVAC Industry

Annexair has unveiled a brand-new eco-friendly ventilation system: a Biocomposite central air unit made of recycled plastic water bottles With the rise of globalization, the desire to advance technology without harming future generations has become increasingly important. Being able to offer green energy solutions and eco-friendly materials at competitive prices will be key to achieving… Read more »

Reduce Outdoor Air with Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization

How to Reduce Outside Air via ASHRAE Standard 62   This brief video explains how Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) utilizes ASHRAE Standard 62 Indoor Air Quality Procedure to reduce outside air by up to 75% over the conventional Ventilation Rate Procedure (dilution method).   Using GPS’ IAQ software an engineer can see how low the outside… Read more »

Custom Air Handling Unit Design Critical Decisions


The design of an air handling unit is a major decision and is a complex and sophisticated activity but here are the critical design decisions when designing a custom AHU. Enclosure Construction Structural Capacity and Air Tightness 1/200th of the span deflection and less then 1% casing leakage at 1.5 times the total of the… Read more »

Testing Shows Pathogens 99.4% Inactivated by Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization

Testing is in –  Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Inactivates Pathogens!  This is great news for our HVAC community.  This technology can be easily added to most HVAC systems quickly and at a very reasonable cost. We had tested other virus types with great success and had suspected the same result against the most current pathogen.  We… Read more »

Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NBPI) brings back Univ. of Wisconsin Teams

University of Wisconsin –  Upgrades AHU’s with Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NBPI) The University of Wisconsin will welcome a limited number of athletes back to campus this week, with voluntary strength and conditioning activities to begin June 15. The plan includes the voluntary return for members of the football and volleyball teams for health assessments and… Read more »

Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NBPI) Increases Filter Efficiency to Fight Current Pathogens

How to save on expensive cost of up-sizing filters   Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization technology produces positive and negative ions that travel with the supply air into the space. In the space, these ions cause particles like dust, dander, pollen, bacteria and virus to attract and stick together (agglomeration). This action significantly increases the effectiveness of existing… Read more »

Reducing Spread of COVID-19 with HVAC System Retrofit

Using GPS Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization to Retrofit and Upgrade Existing HVAC System The challenge for reducing the spread of COVID-19 has two categories. One of them is our daily behavior which includes social distancing, wearing masks, cleaning, and sanitation as recommended by CDC. The other category is office lay out, occupant flow and HVAC improvements…. Read more »